1. Moving to Fort Collins

    So You’re Moving to Fort Collins

    If you’ve decided to make Fort Collins your new home, then allow us to be among the first to welcome you to such a wonderful city! As the proprietors of the best student apartments for rent near CSU, we’re a little bit biased, sure, but we really do think that anyone who moves to Fort Collins is…Read More

  2. The Movies You Need to Watch Over Winter Break

    With winter break looming juuuuust around the corner, many students are planning out their free time meticulously. This makes sense, of course, because there’s nothing in the world quite like finishing up with your finals and knowing that you have an entire month of freedom before you have to come…Read More

  3. 3 Tips for Decorating a Student Apartment For the Holidays

    “Wow, I really can’t believe how much money I have right now,” said no student ever. There’s a stereotype out there of the pennliness college student who exists on ramen noodles, and although there are many stereotypes that are outright lies, we’d be willing to bet that this stereotype is …Read More

  4. How Important Is Color in an Apartment?

    There are a number of huge benefits to living in an apartment—particularly if you’re a college student, of course—but one of the things that many see as a drawback is the inability to really feel like you can make it your own. While we’ll admit that we don’t want our tenants to pull out th…Read More

  5. 3 Tips for Arranging Your Studio Apartment

    If you’re looking for studio apartments for rent in Fort Collins, look no further than Ram’s Crossing East! We proudly offer studio apartments, 1-bedroom apartments, 2-bedroom apartments, and townhomes for rent ensuring that no matter what type of living situation you prefer you’ll find it her…Read More

  6. Now is the Time to Prepare for Winter

    We know what you’re thinking—“but wait just a second...aren’t we barely into fall?” You’re right about that, but while it might be unseasonably warm at this very moment it’s important to remember that we’ve already had two snow storms in Colorado this year. Whether or not that means …Read More

  7. Be Sure To Set Aside Time for Autumn Relaxation

    CSU students know all too well that the fall semester is in full swing. Allow us to encourage you for a moment—if you can hang in there a little bit longer you’ll be rewarded with a wonderful winter break. There’s no doubt about it though; right now you’re probably feeling pretty overwhelmed…Read More

  8. Save Time With More Budget-Friendly Meals

    Wake up, go to class, grab some lunch, go back to class, go to work, come home, study, sleep, repeat. As college students know all too well, it can be hard to find spare time on any given day. There are a lot of responsibilities that come with going to school full time and when you add in the fact t…Read More

  9. 3 Relaxing Hobbies to Enjoy Around Fort Collins

    As a college student at CSU there’s no doubt that there are a number of different things competing for your time. Between a full semester of classes (and all of the accompanying homework), study groups, work, running errands, and doing chores at home, you certainly have a full schedule. The good n…Read More

  10. Save Time With These Budget-Friendly Meals

    The life of a college student can be a huge challenge. Regardless of your major there’s a good chance that you’re balancing daily classes, a couple of hours of homework each night (at least!), and maybe even a part time job. When you add in the fact that you need to spend time shopping for groce…Read More