1. Hobbies That Are Perfect for Colorado in the Spring

    Is it finally done snowing for the season? We sure hope so! The weather here in Fort Collins really does seem to be changing, and the temperatures are rising. So what’s a person to do with all of their newfound free time thanks to the fact that the sun now stays out past 5 o’clock? That’s a re…Read More

  2. More Underrated Gems to Check Out in Fort Collins

    You know all of the popular places in Fort Collins. New Belgium, Big Al’s, The Alley Cat, and other locations are staples of the community, and they’re really wonderful places to visit! But what about some of the places that are equally awesome but tend to get overlooked? The truth is that there…Read More

  3. The Perfect Playlist for Your Study Session

    If you’re a student, you know how frustrating it can be to try to study but not be able to focus. The good news is that music might be just the answer you’re looking for! It’s certainly not uncommon for people to put some tunes on while they’re studying, but do you find yourself distracted b…Read More

  4. Is It Possible to Save Money While You’re in College?

    Ramen noodles and dollar menu drive thru. It’s a stereotype of college students that does indeed have some truth to it. Which makes sense, of course, because the stereotype of students having no money is also one that’s often true. There’s no doubt about the fact that you can’t seem to make …Read More

  5. How to Create a Budget as a College Student

    Although money is something that’s probably always on your mind as a college student, the fact of the matter is that creating a budget isn’t really a life skill that many people get taught at any point. Sure, it might have gotten brought up at some point or another, but it seems like even in thi…Read More

  6. Are You Looking for a CSU Loft Apartment?

    Just because you’re a student doesn’t mean you can’t live in style! All too often, students settle for apartments that are less-than-ideal just because they think they have to. The good news is that Ram’s Crossing East, Lofts, and Townhomes has options for you that we think you’re absolute…Read More

  7. Looking for Some Out-of-the-Ordinary Fun in Fort Collins

    Looking for Some Out-of-the-Ordinary Fun in Fort Collins?

    It’s an average night and you’re looking for something to do. Sure, you could crack open your chemistry book and give studying another go, but who wants to do that? There’s only so much studying you can do anyway, friends. That’s why the team at Ram’s Crossing East, Lofts, & Townhomes,…Read More

  8. Moving To Fort Collins

    So You’re Moving to Fort Collins (Part 3)

    In the third and final part of our series about the things to do first when you’re new to Fort Collins, we’d like to share even more things that we think are worth experiencing. In the first two parts, we highlighted things places like Horsetooth Reservoir, Pinball Jones, and Dungeons and Drafts…Read More

  9. Moving To Fort Collins

    So You’re Moving to Fort Collins (Part 2)

    If you’re moving to Fort Collins, the team at Ram’s Crossing East, Lofts, & Townhomes would like to be among the first to welcome you to one of the friendliest cities in the state! We offer student apartments for rent near CSU, and we’ve found that this city is truly something. In fact, ma…Read More

  10. Moving to Fort Collins

    So You’re Moving to Fort Collins

    If you’ve decided to make Fort Collins your new home, then allow us to be among the first to welcome you to such a wonderful city! As the proprietors of the best student apartments for rent near CSU, we’re a little bit biased, sure, but we really do think that anyone who moves to Fort Collins is…Read More