If you’re a student, you know how frustrating it can be to try to study but not be able to focus. The good news is that music might be just the answer you’re looking for! It’s certainly not uncommon for people to put some tunes on while they’re studying, but do you find yourself distracted by the lyrics? If you’re listening to something new, do you find your studying interrupted because you’re too intrigued by what’s going on in the music? It’s a common problem to have.

Thankfully at Ram’s Crossing East, Lofts, & Townhomes, your source for student apartments for rent in Fort Collins, we’ve spoken to a number of students over the years about what they listen to while they’re studying. We’ve also done some research of our own and in today’s post we’ll be sharing the music that you should listen to while you study. The things we share have been shown to have a number of benefits which we’ll discuss below. If you’re looking for the perfect playlist for your study session, keep reading to learn more.

Music to Listen to While You Study


In this day and age, jazz has fallen out of favor with a younger audience. That’s not to say that no one in college is listening to it, but we’d be willing to bet that it’s not something that you consider to be up your alley. That’s okay! Whether you’re — pardon the terrible pun — jazzed about this type of music or not, it’s perfect to keep on in the background while you’re studying.

Why is that, you ask? For one, there aren’t usually words in jazz music, and that frees your brain up to stay focused on reading or writing. Additionally, because jazz is so out-of-the-ordinary in terms of song structure, it almost functions as white noise in the background.

The only thing to stay on the lookout for is if you find music that’s so freeform that it ends up being distracting, because that defeats the purpose!

A Few Jazz Albums to Get You Started

Coltrane’s Sound – John Coltrane

Mingus Ah Um – Charles Mingus

Seven Steps to Heaven – Miles Davis

Monk’s Dream – Thelonious Monk

Time Out – The Dave Brubeck Quartet

Your Queen is a Reptile – Sons of Kemet


If you’ve never heard of post-rock, that’s okay. Wikipedia sums it up nicely by saying that it is “a form of experimental rock characterized by use of rock instruments primarily to explore textures and timbre rather than traditional song structure, chords, or riffs.” In other words, it’s the perfect thing to have on in the background as you’re getting some studying done.

One of the really cool things about post-rock is that no matter what type of music you like, there’s a variety of post-rock for everyone. Prefer fuzzy soundscapes? Maybe you like quiet ambiance? Either way, there are plenty of great bands out there which means that if you’re willing to do some research, you’ll find that there are a lot of options.

A Few Post-Rock Albums to Get You Started

F♯ A♯ ∞ – Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Kveikur – Sigur Rós

Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever – Explosions in the Sky

The Hawk Is Howling – Mogwai

Not Music – Stereolab


There’s nothing to study with quite like a soundtrack. Does your favorite movie have a score that you love? Throw it on! Don’t discount video game soundtracks either, because studies show that they’re the perfect thing to listen to when you need to get work done because they’re specifically created with goals in mind. In other words, they’re designed to push you forward which is ideal when you’re studying.

Of course, there are a variety of soundtracks out there, so it’s not hard to find one that suits your specific requirements. There’s just something special about a good soundtrack that can stir something inside of you, and that’s always a plus when you’re settling in for an evening reading from your chemistry book or writing that literary theory paper.

A Few Soundtracks to Get You Started

Drive – Cliff Martinez

Dead Man – Neil Young

Gladiator – Hans Zimmer

There Will Be Blood – Jonny Greenwood

Red Dead Redemption – Bill Elm and Woody Jackson

Journey – Austin Wintory

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