Are you looking for a student apartment for rent near CSU? If so, then you’re in luck! At Ram’s Crossing East, we offer a number of different floor plans, but many people prefer studio apartments so that they can live minimally. We applaud that sentiment!

Although there are a number of benefits to living in a studio apartment, it can come with some challenges too of course. Fortunately for you, if you’re considering a studio apartment at Ram’s Crossing East and you’re looking for suggestions on how you can get the most out of your space, we have some tips for you in today’s post. Keep reading to learn more!

Make the Most of your Studio Apartment By…

Picking the Perfect Furniture

Other apartments offer a bit more wiggle room, but with a studio you really have to get the sizing of your furniture just right. Trust us when we say that this is a blessing and not a curse! Because you have to find pieces that can do double duty, it helps to limit your options a bit which in turn ensures that you get a piece that really works in your space.

Our recommendation is to choose a sofa-bed that will provide you with lounging space during the day and a proper sleeping space at night. No one wants to feel like they are living in a bedroom and this is the perfect way to ensure that you don’t. All you have to do is make sure to “make your bed” in the morning and you’re all set.

The right furniture in a studio apartment will go a long way towards helping your space feel perfectly pulled together. Pair it with other items that don’t take up a lot of space. As much as you might like them, the truth is that you don’t need a bunch of cushions or blankets. Instead, focus on finding a few things that you love and will use and forego the rest.

Choosing the Right Art

How should you approach art in your new studio apartment? That’s a great question and the truth is that it’s incredibly subjective. Our advice is to find things that you know you’ll appreciate in the long term and focus on those. Once you have an idea of what your studio’s layout will be you can start looking for art to fill those spaces. Whether you prefer art in every nook and cranny or one larger piece surrounded by blank walls is up to you entirely.

Generally speaking, a larger piece behind your couch will help to make your apartment feel much bigger and if you find the right piece it can act as a centerpiece of your home when you have the couch out and a headboard when you have the bed out.

Another bit of advice that we like to give is to take full advantage of plants in your living space because they will help the room to feel more organic. You don’t have to go overboard here. Just grab a few succulents and you’re off to the races. Don’t overwater them and you’ll be just fine!

Grabbing a Mirror

Every space will benefit from having a mirror in it, but this is especially true for studio apartments. Mirrors can go a long way towards making a space feel bigger as they bounce light around the room. Figuring out the ideal placement can sometimes be a bit tricky, but once you get it right, it will open the room up in a way that you probably never imagined.

Don’t feel like you have to figure out how to hang a heavy mirror in your apartment either. Simply leaning it up against a wall can have a big impact without forcing you to go to a lot of work.

At the end of the day, sometimes the illusion of space can be just as beneficial as actually having extra space. Either way, studio apartments are a great way to go because it helps to keep your belongings nicely organized. (And it makes it pretty much impossible to purchase things you don’t have space for. A win/win!)

Are You Searching for a Studio Apartment Near CSU?

Living in a studio apartment can be a challenge, but it can also perfectly suit your needs if you approach the layout in the right way. The goal is to make your studio into a space that works for you and we hope that these tips will help you along the way.

Fortunately for you, our studios are all equipped with appliances and ready for you to make them your own! It also helps that you’ll be tucked into one of the best neighborhoods in Fort Collins with easy access to restaurants, bars, grocery stores, coffee shops, and more. This is a great city to live in and at Ram’s Crossing East, our goal is to make sure that you have a great living space while you’re attending CSU. It’s as simple as that!

Whether you’re looking for a studio as we mentioned in today’s post or you prefer a 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom apartment, we have you covered. With plenty of floor plans to choose from and some of the best amenities in the city, living here is a no brainer. Don’t take our word for it though. Schedule a tour today to see for yourself just how great it can be to live at Ram’s Crossing East.