Ramen noodles and dollar menu drive thru. It’s a stereotype of college students that does indeed have some truth to it. Which makes sense, of course, because the stereotype of students having no money is also one that’s often true. There’s no doubt about the fact that you can’t seem to make a ton of money when the vast majority of your time is spent in class or studying.

It’s no secret that the monetary aspect of a higher education is a concern for many, but the good news is that it is possible to save money while you’re in college. Is it easy? To be honest, some aspects of it aren’t quite as hard as you think they might be. Will saving now make you an early millionaire? Who’s to say! (But probably not.)

In today’s post, the team at Ram’s Crossing East, Lofts, and Townhomes, your source for student apartments near CSU, is here to offer a bit of advice. As you probably know, every little bit of savings helps, and we’ll be sharing some of our best tips for saving money in today’s post. Keep reading to learn more.

How to Save Money in College

Check Out Some Apps

There’s a pretty good change that your smartphone is already full of apps, but do you have any that will save you money? Take advantage of apps that offer coupons on things you’re already buying. If you shop at King Soopers, grab their app and shop the weekly specials in conjunction with their coupons and save money on your food. Find yourself at McDonald’s every so often? Grab the app and get discounts on food during their deals of the day.

Pretty much every place you shop is going to have some type of coupon available at some point or another. Whether it’s in an app, an email newsletter, or at the door, finding places that offer discounts is wise. Some places even have certain deals for each day of the week, and if you’re vigilant, you can come up with a schedule allowing you to feed yourself, clothe yourself, or entertain yourself for quite a bit less.

Don’t Pay for What You Don’t Need to Pay For

This tip might sound obvious to some, but you’d be surprised at how many people are still paying for things they could be getting for free. For example, if your apartment complex offers you access to their fitness center as one of their amenities — like we do — then any money spent on a gym membership is a waste.

Similarly, you’d probably be amazed at what’s just sitting there ready to be checked out at your local library. You’ve almost certainly spent hours at Morgan Library, and naturally, it makes you a little bit leery of wanting to spend any more time in a library. Here’s the thing though — having a library card means that you get access to some really cool things. That new Stephen King book you want to read? They probably have it. That album you wanted to check out? The new graphic novel you keep hearing about? Yep, they have those too. Some libraries even allow you to borrow video games. Pretty cool if you ask us.

Your library card also gets you access to platforms like Hoopla and Overdrive where you can borrow ebooks and audiobooks as well as Kanopy which has films that you can stream from the comfort of your couch. In other words, you can save big every month on the things you may have been ordering online. It really doesn’t get much better than the library.

Break Your Habits

Yes, a college student needs fuel, and yes, coffee is the most delicious fuel of all to get you through the day. Here’s a bit of math for you though: there are about 260 weekdays in the average year. Let’s say you stop at Starbucks and grab a drink each of those days that costs you $4. That’s over a thousand bucks a year just to get coffee every day.

We’re not saying that you can’t drink coffee. Instead, we’re suggesting that you find a good source of coffee beans and build the skill of making your own coffee. You can get a really great bag of whole bean coffee for under $20, and depending on how much you drink at a time, it could last you around a month. Even if you go through two bags a month, that still amounts to a massive savings of $500 or more.

What habits do you have that are costing you more than you think they might be? If you can identify them and figure out how you can save some money, you’ll be doing yourself a big favor in the long run.

See What CSU Is Up To

“But I still need to be entertained every so often.” We agree! Entertainment is a vital part of life as a college student, and life in general. That’s why you should be sure to check out the CSU event calendar from time to time. This month alone, you go to the Music in the Museum concert series, Cirque du CSU, the Gallery Conversation In the Round, and more.

In the mood for a film? See what’s going on in the Film Studies department. Want to play a sport? Sign up for intramural field hockey. The point is that there’s a lot of great stuff that you can do around campus all for free.

If you’re willing to explore a bit and keep an eye open, you can also attend occasional free showings at The Lyric, see free live music at The Aggie, or play free board games at Dungeons and Drafts. The point is that getting creative and finding things to do that don’t cost money can prove to you that you don’t have to spend money to have a great time.

Make Your Home at Our Student Apartments

If you liked the tips in today’s post, be sure to stay tuned because we’ll be sharing more great ways to save money in future posts. And speaking of wonderful things, we’re happy to offer the best student apartments near CSU at Ram’s Crossing East, Lofts, and Townhomes.

With some of the best amenities around like an outdoor heated pool, air conditioning, free parking, and more, you’re sure to love living here. Oh, and our apartment complex is pet friendly! It doesn’t get much better than that.

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