Well, friend, you’ve finally done it. We’re talking about making it through one of the busiest times of the year, of course! The period of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a difficult one for many students, but the good news is that with all of the difficult things out of the way, you can focus on having a bit of fun before classes start up again in January.

You deserve to treat yourself to something out of the ordinary, after all. Between the nightmarish month leading up to finals with all of the late nights and the research papers — not to mention the finals themselves, because chances are at least one of them will be cumulative across the entire semester — and the activities with your family, you have a lot on your plate.

It’s true that between the commitments you have with school and the time you need to spend with your loved ones during the holidays, the first week or so of break can feel almost as hectic as the entire semester that preceded it. That means that when Christmas is over and the real beginning of your break rolls around, you’ll be looking for stuff to do. We’ve already advocated for watching movies over winter break, but what if you want to get creative with your time and try something new? Take a quick trip to Morgan Library.

Did You Know Morgan Library Has a 3D Printer?

That’s right. According to the CSU website, “The Morgan Library has a 3D printer available to students, faculty and staff. It is located across from the Morgan Library Event Hall on a first come, first serve basis.” Keep in mind that the library is closed through New Year’s Day, but don’t let that throw off your plans. Instead, use the time to figure out what you’d like to print (and you can read more on that below). All you need to do is bring your design in, purchase the filament you’ll be using (which is available at RamTech or online), and head on in.

3D printing is a bit of technology that has made huge strides in a very short amount of time, and the things you can do with a 3D printer are only limited by how creative you can get. Don’t have experience designing things to print? Not to worry, because we have some resources for you.

What to Print on a 3D Printer

From Christmas tree ornaments to model cars to costume props to board game pieces to phone cases, there are about a million different things you could make with a 3D printer if you were so inclined. In other words, no matter what hobbies you have, you can find something to print. Perhaps a better way to share what you can print on a 3D printer is to share a couple of resources for where you can find inspiration. Check out our recommendations below.


The gold standard for ideas when it comes to 3D printing, Thingiverse is packed with customizable creations that are sure to give you a great starting point. Use the explore tab to sort by things, groups, customizable things, collections, categories, challenges, and more. In short, no matter what you want to print, you can find some inspiration at Thingiverse.


YouMagazine is a great source for 3D printer files as well, because it’s “where makers collaborate to get you the best open source 3D designs ready to download and print.” It’s as easy as that. They boast a library of over 14,000 designs and you can sort by recent, featured, popular, and trending, or just do a search to find exactly what you’re looking for.


For a “curated a great selection of premium and free STL files from [a] community of 70,000+ Makers and Designers for you to download and print,” look to Pinshape. It’s full of unique and interesting projects that you won’t find anywhere else, and the fact that it’s curated means that there’s less low quality content to filter out.

Need an Apartment Near CSU for the Spring Semester?

Once you’ve printed your item, you’ll want somewhere to retreat to in order to put the finishing touches on it. What better place than one of our student apartments? Located just steps from the CSU campus, living here means that getting to your classes is a breeze — which is a wonderful thing when it’s cold outside! At Ram’s Crossing East, Lofts, & Townhomes, we are proud to offer the apartments that make the lives of students just a little bit easier. You have enough on your plate, and with the winter break winding down and the spring semester getting closer, perhaps you’re looking for somewhere to live. We think that we’re the best option.

When it comes right down to it, 3D printer or no, CSU is an amazing university and students from all across the country recognize that Fort Collins is a wonderful place to live. We couldn’t agree more. That’s why we offer a number of different floor plans to ensure that there’s something for everyone no matter what they hope to get out of a living space. We’re also known for offering some of the best amenities around, some of which are expanded cable, high speed internet, and an outdoor heated pool. It doesn’t get much better than that!

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