3 Ways to Enjoy Your Apartment on a Lazy Summer Day

3 Ways to Enjoy Your Apartment on a Lazy Summer DayIf you’re looking for apartments for rent in Fort Collins that are near CSU, you’re in luck! At Ram’s Crossing, we offer a number of amazing amenities along with plenty of floor plans to choose from to suit your specific needs. Finding a place that’s close to campus can be a challenge, but the good news is that if you choose to make your home at Ram’s Crossing, you’re sure to find plenty to love about living here.

But with a few months to go until school is in full swing again, many people here in the city get to enjoy at least a little bit of time lounging around. There’s nothing in the world like a lazy summer day, but it can sometimes be difficult to figure out what to do when you don’t want to do much of anything. After all, there’s nothing worse than being bored because you’re bored.

The good news is that if you live at Ram’s Crossing, there are plenty of options. As a matter of fact, we’d like to share a few in today’s post. Are they groundbreaking ideas? Certainly not, but sometimes the best ideas are the ones that are simple. What will make our list? Keep reading to find out!

How to Enjoy Relaxing in Your Apartment This Summer

Read a Book

We get it. School is absolutely packed with things that you have to read. No matter what your focus is on when you’re attending CSU, your nights are filled with reading. It can be incredibly hard to even want to pick up a book for fun, and the truth is that for many of us, that’s the last thing on our minds.

Whether you’re an English major who is reading several novels a week or you’re a biology student who has to take a deep dive into your textbook multiple times to grasp a certain concept, there’s no two ways about it–you’ll always be reading when you’re in school.

But now that you’re not in school? It’s the perfect time to cultivate the attitude that reading can be fun. The good news is that all it takes is one book that captivates your attention to be drawn back in. We’re fortunate to live in a time where finding a good book has never been easier thanks to modern technology. No matter what genre you like, finding something that grabs your interest is only a few clicks away. Whether you order a book online or head to the local library, why not spend the afternoon relaxing with a good book?

Watch a Movie

We know what you’re thinking. “Watch a movie?” Like we said, our suggestions aren’t earth-shattering by any means. Hear us out here though. At this point, many of us consume media on a regular basis. It’s a breeze to find pretty much anything you could ever hope to watch and have it pulled up on your smartphone in a matter of minutes.

Here’s our suggestion, however–don’t do that. Can you think of the last time you enjoyed a movie unhindered by distractions? Even if you’re sitting on the couch, you’re liable to pick up your phone and check Instagram when there’s the slightest lull in the movie. If, heaven forbid, you’re watching the movie on your phone, you’re not experiencing it in the way it was meant to be seen.

Yes, technology is great and it’s good to have options for how to consume our media, but our recommendation is to take the time to really enjoy what you’re watching. Spend the time to watch the movie on your television screen, or better yet, head on over to your favorite local movie theater and check it out on the big screen. At the end of the day, taking the time to allow yourself to get immersed in a movie is going to lead to a much better experience than if you had just sort of passively had something on in the background.

Lounge By the Pool

After all of this discussion of finding ways to engage your mind, you’d think our last suggestion might be similar. As it turns out, it’s the exact opposite. We’ll readily acknowledge that sometimes you just want to shut your brain off and zone out. That’s what the pool is for!

As one of our many incredible amenities, an outdoor heated pool might be exactly what you need to get the most out of a lazy summer day. Whether that means splashing around with some friends or even just laying out in a chair and soaking up some sun, the good news is that you have some options when you choose to live at Ram’s Crossing East.

As much as we’ve advocated for engaging with your surroundings, there’s something special about just laying in the pool (or sprawling out beside it) that can’t be beat. After all, when school starts, you’ll yearn for another lazy summer day, so why not take full advantage of them while they’re here? Even if you work a job during the summer, surely you can carve out a bit of time to relax by the pool.

Make Your Home at Ram’s Crossing

If you have been searching for apartments for rent in Fort Collins, Ram’s Crossing East might just offer the perfect solution. We’re located in a great neighborhood, which means that when school is in session, it’s just a quick walk over to campus. On the other hand, when you’re enjoying summer, you’re close to all of the best things that the city has to offer (including many local libraries where you can find the books and movies mentioned above at no cost to you, making them a win/win).

We pride ourselves on offering a great selection of floor plans that people actually enjoy living in, so if you’re in need of a place to live, contact us today to schedule a tour because we’d love to show you around. We look forward to hearing from you!