3 Things to try if you're new to fort collins

3 Things to try if you're new to fort collinsWhether you’re here to attend school at CSU or you’ve just found that Fort Collins is one of the 25 best cities to live in in the United States, you’re sure to discover that there is plenty to love about the city! Between the beautiful view of the mountains, the generally agreeable weather, and the friendly people, Fort Collins most certainly deserves its reputation for being one of the most well-loved cities in the state of Colorado.

But if you’re new to the area, chances are that you’re looking for an insider’s perspective about some of the best things that the city has to offer. Fortunately for you, at Ram’s Crossing, we would like to share a few of our favorite things to do in Fort Collins. We should also mention that if you’re looking for apartments in Fort Collins, ours are hard to beat. Once you’re all settled in, you can start exploring. Keep reading to see our suggestions for where we think you should start.

New to the Area? Here Are a Few Suggestions

Everyday Joe’s Coffee House

Fort Collins is a great city for those who require a cup of coffee to get started off on the right foot each morning and there are a number of incredible coffee shops in the area. One of the greatest things about living here is that there is no shortage of options if you’re looking for somewhere to get a good drink. A favorite of ours, however, is Everyday Joe’s Coffee House.

The thing that makes Joe’s unique is that it’s powered largely by volunteers looking to give their time to their community. As their website states, the mission of this coffee shop is to “benefit and serve the neighborhood where we find ourselves.” Each volunteer undergoes rigorous training and that training serves them well as they put their barista skills to the test by making great lattes, mochas, pour overs, and more. A selection of food from local bakeries is also brought in if you’re looking for a snack and art from local painters, photographers, and artists adorn the walls.

The large space at Everyday Joe’s is great whether you’re getting together with friends or simply looking for somewhere to sit down and do a bit of studying. Joe’s also offers something they’ve named the “root beer milk latte” on a seasonal basis; if you stop in and see it on their menu, don’t hesitate to order it because it might be the best drink you’ve ever had.

Big Al’s Burgers and Dogs

Everyone needs a great burger joint to grab a bite to eat. We mentioned above that Fort Collins is a great city if you’re looking for a good cup of coffee and the same is true for restaurants. There are plenty of great local options to try, but we think you might find that you’re partial to Big Al’s Burgers and Dogs.

As a matter of fact, their 60/40 Burger is practically a local legend. What is a 60/40 Burger, you ask? Great question. Their website notes that it is “60% beef and 40% bacon patty” topped with “American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, and sauce.” Trust us when we say that it’s a winning combination indeed. Our suggestion is to grab a double burger, a side of their incredible truffle fries or buffalo fries, and your favorite shake or malt. It really doesn’t get much better than this and you’ll most certainly leave smiling and satisfied.

Located in Old Town, Big Al’s is a staple for Fort Collins residents and as their website says, they “like to ‘keep it in Colorado’ from the locally raised hormone free staff to the recycled and repurposed décor” and top their burgers with their special “Saucy Sauce.” If that sounds awesome, it’s because it is.

The Fort Collins Ghost Tour

Founded in 1864 as a military outpost, the city of Fort Collins is full of history. There’s a good chance that we’ll take a deeper look at a bit of that history in a future post, but for the time being, we’ll focus on something a little spookier–the city’s ghost tour. You may have heard of the network of tunnels that run beneath the streets of Fort Collins and if you’ve ever wanted to see what those tunnels hold, Fort Collins Tours is for you.

If you’ve wanted to “learn about about local legends, hauntings, ghostly sightings, and strange happenings” in the city’s past, then the Fort Collins Ghost Tour might be right up your alley. And speaking of alleys, the tour will take you to a number of different sites that have a bit of…well, let’s just say they have some history. Are they actually haunted? We’ll let you be the judge, but regardless of your verdict, we’re sure you’ll have a blast exploring the city from a different perspective that you wouldn’t otherwise get.

Each Ghost Tour is also something of a history lesson, pulling back the curtain on some of the interesting things that have happened in the city and providing residents with a bit of context. Tours have different stops each time, but wherever your tour takes you, you’re sure to find interest, excitement, and intrigue during a Fort Collins Ghost Tour.

Stay Tuned For More

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If you are new to this neck of the woods, be sure to keep your eyes on this space as well because we have more great suggestions for places to visit in Fort Collins. There’s plenty to see and do here, so check back soon for more of our insider recommendations. Until next time!