As a college student at CSU there’s no doubt that there are a number of different things competing for your time. Between a full semester of classes (and all of the accompanying homework), study groups, work, running errands, and doing chores at home, you certainly have a full schedule.

The good news is that our apartments near CSU make for the perfect place to get a bit of rest and relaxation in. You see, balance is key in life and finding a way to unwind after a particularly challenging week at school can make all the difference in the world. That’s why in today’s post we thought we’d highlight three hobbies that are perfect if you live in Fort Collins. If you’re looking for a way to enjoy a relaxing hobby, this blog is for you. Keep reading to learn more!

Enjoyable Hobbies in Fort Collins


There’s just something about painting that is so calming. It’s a great hobby to undertake whether you have any knowledge on the subject or not and there are plenty of different styles to try your hand at. Who knows, you might be the next Picasso!

Either way, the end result is something that is both enjoyable and relaxing to do, but also provides you with some art for your apartment! As you probably know, finding art that you actually like that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg can be incredibly difficult. How is it that a piece of paper, a frame, and some glass can cost so much anyway?

The wonderful thing about painting is that it allows you to be creative while also providing you with a hobby that puts your mind at ease. Will your first paintings be true works of art? Well probably not…but you never know! Fort Collins is even home to a number of different businesses where you can enjoy a cocktail while being guided through a painting. This is the perfect opportunity for those who have never painted before to enjoy a drink or two while creating some art. It doesn’t get much better than that!


Living in Colorado means that some of the best natural scenery is just outside of our doors. Fort Collins residents are incredibly lucky to be able to see the mountains from our neck of the woods (well…the foothills technically) and it’s hard not to be in awe when such wonderful natural splendor is on display.

And as great as the mountains are, it’s Colorado’s many ponds, lakes, and streams that represent a bit of nature that doesn’t get explored quite as often. What better way to get to know these bodies of water than by doing a bit of fishing in them? Whether you’ve gone fishing before or not, fishing is a hobby that allows you to get outdoors and just take it easy. No matter your goal, whether it’s to catch tonight’s meal or simply to catch and release while enjoying the experience, there are few things quite as relaxing as casting your line out into the water.

For amateurs, a quick trip to the a local outdoor goods store is sure to be fruitful. Just ask the nearest sales associate for his or her advice, grab a few supplies, and hit the road. It doesn’t get much better than that, and to tell you the truth, it’s a blast even if you don’t catch anything. On the other hand, if you’re a fishing aficionado, it might be your time to try your hand at something a little different. For example, if you’re used to a standard rod and reel, try some fly fishing. If you’ve always fished from the shore, pick up a pair of waders and head out into the water. There’s always something new to learn, and it’s always a calm, tranquil, and relaxing experience.


If going fishing represents a peaceful way to relax, hiking offers something a little different. What better way to explore the outdoors than to literally explore the outdoors? Colorado is well known for its many exceptional places to hike and there are a number of trails just minutes away from Ram’s Crossing East.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is to get out and do some exercise. When you really get your lungs working it can start to bring some clarity to your situation. As your life comes more sharply into focus and your heart starts beating faster you’ll be surrounded by some of the most beautiful sites in the nation.

The best part of all is that you don’t have to be a top athlete to enjoy hiking in Colorado because there are plenty of trails for people of all skill levels. Prefer a leisurely hike around a lake? You can find it. Want to spend the afternoon really working to achieve your goal of climbing a 14er? Colorado offers those in abundance.

In other words, no matter what type of hiking you consider relaxing, you’re sure to find it in Fort Collins and the surrounding areas. It’s never too late to get into this amazing hobby so if you’ve put if off for awhile thinking it wasn’t your cup of tea, be sure to get together a group of friends and give it a try. You’re sure to have the time of your life!

Make Your Home in the Best Apartments Near CSU

Are you looking for an apartment for rent in Fort Collins? Ram’s Crossing East, Lofts and Townhomes make for the perfect base of operations whether you plan to take it easy and do some painting or venture outdoors and try your hand at fishing or hiking.

That’s if you can manage to leave the comfort of your apartment, of course, which might be easier said than done thanks to the fact that we offer some of the best amenities around. There’s a lot to love about living here, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Schedule a tour today and see for yourself!